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Experienced Wholesale Plant Nursery in Princeton, FL

Adding flowers and foliage to your landscape is a therapeutic activity that is handsomely rewarded. If your yard looks like it could use something new and vibrant, then check out the bountiful selection at Morningside Garden, Inc., a wholesale plant nursery in Princeton, FL. Our family-owned nursery knows how important it is to personalize your experience in our earth-friendly greenhouses. When you visit us, we treat your garden as our own.

Tropical Highlights

Florida’s warm and humid climate is ideal for the native and imported tropical foliage products we cultivate. We developed a reputation across the state as a premium supplier of healthy and well-grown plants and palms. The tropical foliage plants we provide are guaranteed to add color, depth, and visual interest to any landscaping project. Our nurseries use modern water conservation practices and grow only the highest quality plants.

In Our Community and Around the World

For more than four decades, we have been a family-owned and operated wholesale plant nursery, and in that time have established our business as a staple in the community. Our commitment and service don’t stop there; we’re also certified by the Department of Agriculture to be bug and disease-free for shipments to California, Arizona, and Canada. We can also ship throughout the United States, including Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

Growing on the Inside

Even when you don’t have a garden, you can create one in your home or on your patio. We supply a large selection of indoor plants designed to thrive in your home. A green thumb is simpler to develop than you think. It won’t be long before you want to add more indoor plants to your collection. Talk to Morningside Garden, Inc. about how you can create the garden oasis you’ve always wanted.

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