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Certified Plant Nursery in Princeton, FL

Transform your landscape into a destination for friends and family alike with foliage from our certified plant nursery in Princeton, FL. Whether you are a home builder looking for that finishing touch or a longtime resident looking to create a garden that reflects Florida's natural beauty, Morningside Garden, Inc. is sure to feature what you need. Our 35-acre facility is filled with majestic King Maya palm trees, Chinese Evergreens, and everything in between.

When you consider the amount you are willing to spend on the flora that will surround your home or business, it just makes sense to work with a nursery that is certified under all applicable Federal or state cooperative domestic plant quarantines. Find the quality plants you've been looking for today.

Shipping the Sunshine to You

Our focus on securing the right certifications allows us to ship many of our indoor plants to places across the southeast and the southwestern United States. You can even enjoy some of your favorite plants as far away as Canada.

Supporting Agriculture and Growth in Florida

We are committed to providing our customers with healthy plants that are ready to thrive where you live. Our inventory is replete with container plants that are sure to bring any backyard experience to life. Establish your oasis for the turbulent times around us with palm trees and other varieties from this established nursery.


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